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Shooting Sports

Five Trails District encourages each Unit to get two adult volunteers certified to support their Shooting Sports adventures.  The Circle Ten Shooting Sports committee offers discounted NRA and USAA classes throughout the year. The schedule for the upcoming year is usually posted sometime in December after all the dates have been finalized. To see the schedule and to signup for classes, look in either the calendar or events link on the Shooting Sports Website (http://C10ShootingSports.org). 


Who Can Shoot What?

  • Cub Scouts can shoot archery, and BB gun when on council property or at council/district events. Cub Scouts can also use sling shots (wrist rockets) at a district or council event. Sling shots requires either a BSA BB Gun Rangemaster or BSA Archery Rangemaster to open the event and 1 to 1 adult supervision of the Cub Scouts using the sling shot.
  • Boy Scouts can shoot archery, .22 caliber rifles, and shotguns on campouts (Boy Scout camps), district/council events, and at commercial ranges.
  • Venturing Crews can shoot archery, any caliber rifles, shotguns and pistols (Boy Scout camps - there are specific restrictions at Circle Ten camps on specific types of firearms, and calibers, check with the council for these), district/council events, and at commercial ranges.
  • There is a special program - The 3 gun shoot which consists of a lever action rifle (.22 caliber, 10 shots), shotgun (2 rounds), and pistol (.22 caliber 6 shot single action revolver), this requries a NRA RSO, NRA Rifle Instructor, NRA Shotgun Instructor, and a NRA Pistol Instructor and is done at council level events only (not available for unit level events). 

What Certifications are Needed?

  • For Cub Scout archery at least one adult with the BSA Archery Rangemaster. 
  • For Cub Scout BB gun at least one adult with the BSA BB Gun Rangemaster. 
  • NRA Range Safety Officer is not needed and can not be used to open a range. A RSO can help run the range, but is not authorized to open a range. The RSO certification is not an instructor course and is there strictly for range safety. 
  • The BSA BB gun Rangemaster training includes some basic teaching instructor to help the Cub Scouts to learn to shoot properly.
  • For Boy Scout archery - to open and run a range - at least one BSA Archery Rangemaster. 
  • However to be a Boy Scout Archery merit badge counselor, the counselor must have the USAA Archery Level I certification (this also allows him/her to open and run a range). 
  • For Boy Scout shotgun - one NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO), and one NRA Shotgun Instructor (one instructor per Scout actively shooting). 
  • For Boy Scout rifle - one NRA RSO and 1 NRA Rifle Instructor (per 8 Scouts actively shooting). 
  • For Venturing Pistol - one NRA RSO and 1 NRA Pistol Instructor (per 1 crew member actively shooting). 
  • Blackpowder (Boy Scout/Venture Crew) Rifle/Shotgun - one NRA RSO, and one NRA Muzzleloading Instructor (per 1 Scout actively shooting).